11). Jeff drums up a storm. 

12).  Kevin with NYC rock promoter Rachael Martinez.

5). BEGORRAH's Shane, Kevin and Jeff with friend Laura.

6). Ozzie of GUSSY'S BAR Astoria, Queens

13). Kevin backstage with Purple Pam.

14).  BEGORRAH with producer Bob Held, Engineer Gary Tole and recording bassist Eric Czar at taping of TOUGH GUY PRAYER in Times Square NYC.

15).  New Jersey Irish Festival.

7).  Shane wails. 

8). BEGORRAH plays the New Jersey Irish festival.

3). Kevin plays acoustic with Legendary NYC rocker PURPLE PAM. 

4).  BEGORRAH live.

9). Alfonso and Bobby of SUNLORD jam in Kevin's studio. 

10).  Camera guys Brandon Ziegenfuss and Ben Zimbric from MOLLY B'GEE video with Kevin after shoot.

1). Bobby from BIOHAZARD wearing a BEGORRAH shirt on stage somewhere in Europe. 

2).  BEGORRAH plays the Lower East Side NYC.

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